Sell On LapTwo

Whether you’ve been selling gear on LapTwo for a while or you’re thinking about getting started, the sellers’ landing page has everything you need to build a successful LapTwo shop.

Low Seller Fees

As a seller you can list as many items as you want for free. If they sell, LapTwo’s fee is only 5% of the total sale amount, including shipping and taxes. Sellers’ also pay the PayPal payment processing fee which is 3.49% + $0.49 of the transaction total. For more information, see LapTwo Billing and Payments and PayPal's pricing page.

Example of any item selling for $100

Listing fee0
LapTwo fee$5
PayPal Payment Processing $3.98
Total Fees$8.98
Total Profit$91.02

What Am I Charged For?

LapTwo Selling Fee

LapTwo seller fees are automatically deducted from the payout of your item when it is sold.

Payment Processing Fee

PayPal processing fees will be taken out at the time the buyer purchases the item.

When selling on LapTwo, you are agreeing to the following terms.

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