How to Clean a Rusty Fuel Tank

How to clean a rusty fuel tank A rusty fuel tank can put the brakes on your motorcycle, moped, or powersports restoration project. But don’t worry! Cleaning a rusty fuel tank can be as simple as raiding your pantry and your drawer of spare hardware. Lowered values, clogged fuel filters, poor performance and even a damaged engine can result if the...


How To Make a Cafe Racer Motorcycle

If you have ever been to a vintage bike show or swap meet, you might have noticed bike enthusiasts riding classic café style motorcycles. A café style motorcycle can be identified by its speed and its craftsmanship for handling, such as having lower handlebars, rearsets, as well as a seat made specifically for one rider. These motorcycles are typically...


How To Clean a Carburetor

Cleaning a carburetor correctly is essential. Think of the carburetor as the heart of any motorcycle. If it is clogged, the bike is going to spit and sputter and run horribly. The passageways through the carburetor can easily be clogged up with dirt and debris. This dirt and debris can be sucked in through the air filtration system on your bike, or can...